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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gastown Tattoo Parlour

Its official! I am opening a shop of my very own finally! Along with a crew of awesome dudes, and in a great location with a 100 year old building in the heart of gastown. Doing renovations at the moment, but should be open for April 15th for you all to come and see!

So come by soon, we will be doing all styles of tattooing, from traditional, to portraits, and everything in between. Thanks for all the support from everyone, keep it up!

And all the info you need will be found through our site

check yer-self before you wreeck yer-self.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy busy bizzay! Plus some top secret biznaz.

So I havent posted anything new in a long long time, theres plenty to show. Gonna be workin on a proper site soon so most of it will end up on there if it dosent make it here first. Over the holidays and such, I propsed to my lady Amanda, and am so pleased and lucky to announce that she said yes!!! So thats big news, and ontop of that some more big news to come in the next few weeks, but that will stay a secret until then. But it will be rad, so keep and ear and an eye out for it! So heres some photos of just a small portion of work from the months. Hope to post more soon, thanks!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sharky shark shark.

So today i got to do two hand tattoos! One was a massive gnarly shark bou to chmp on a bone, and the other was a rad pirate skull wich I will have to get a better photo of once its healed. But heres the shark for now!

Nipple Clocks

Hand days are the best days!

Finished off the sleeve on Yu-Wei with a hand piece off with a mirai ninja logo. pretty fun way to tie in the godzilla and japanese character themed sleeve. Thanks Y-Wei!

Mother Earth

This super rad dude emailed me one day, asking for a piece, but wasn't realy sure what he wanted, just had a general theme of things. So I came up with a few ideas of my own. This is two sessions in so far, and theres plenty more to come.....Stay tuned!
Sat like a champ for the 3.5 hours of tattooing. Thanks James!

Setting Sail for Ontario.

This was the last tattoo a good client/friend of mine got before she took off on some travels of her own. thanks Jill!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Photos coming soon!

Its been a few months since i updated this, but I have accumulated a few tattoos that i will post within a few days. Was just waiting on photoshop to edit some, and thn forgot to upload a bunch. Long story short, theres much to come, so check back soon! Thanks everyone.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day of the Dead

Now to start, I cant take full crdit for the art. It was based upon a painitng my bro Anron had from another tattoo artist in North Carolina. We changed it up a bit to look like another girls face, added an arm with the tattoo on it, and changed the hair. Basically kept the basis of the face designs. Wanted to post it though cause I'm am really stoked on how it turned out and would love to be doing some more stuff like this.

In Bear Country

Dual meaning behind the title of this. "In Bear Country" is a super rad punk and from Vancouver, and also the guy who got this is from Germany and he wanted something to remeber Canada by. What better than a gnalry grizzly? Had a good time doing this one. Everything went so smooth and fast. Took an hour and a hlaf in total. Thanks Philip!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sooo stoked to do this! A guy came to me, who was from Arizona and wanted something with an all seeing eye, and the rest was up to me. So I decided to have some fun and tattoo two of my most favourite animals as one. The Octo-phant. Most notorious for its third eye power, and gnarly dripping tentacles. Enjoy!

So heres a few tattoos I havent had time to uplaod either. The gun was a fun walk-in from Calgary. whipped the drawing up in 30 minutes, tattooed it on her in about 3 hours. was super fun and bright. The seahorse was on a frined of mine, We still gotta put in some background...

And the Bird cage is also on another friend. Covering up a bird ironically haha. Keep checking back for more! gots lots and lots to post, just no time, or bad photos, of unfinished things. but soon there wil be lots of things to see.


Massive Lioness to start.

So, my friend Braeden who was a friend of a friend, came to the shop and tells me he wants me to do his first tattoo ever. So im stoked already, then he tells me he wants a Giant lioness on his ribs. And hes a big dude, so this thing would be a backpiece on most people haha. It weas really fun to do something differnent like this. We might go back into it after the summer and add some mose background or something. For now this is how she looks. By the way, he sat like a champ, especially for the spot and the fact that its his first. Good job dude!

The Crow and the Wolf

Another addition to my bro Kevin. Did a huge shin smash of a calm and relaxed crow ontop of a wolf's head. went for a really dark look for this one. might add a few more small splashes of colour once it heals, bu pretty stoked on it thus far!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crabby crab crab.

pretty stoked on the moon and crab i did on this guy named Rasmus. He is from sweden or switzerland. i cant remeber, but rad dude, and super fun tattoo. I love crabs. Plus another one I banged out in two hours and a bit later that night. Now im off to bed to sleep of my days dental work, and start a full day of drawing tomorrow. Stoked!

Beastie Boys and Star beads.

For my bro Garret Egles who is a rad as heck designer/card wizard whom makes my cards look fancy and gets me clients all the time ;)

It was his turn to get ill. He had a bunch of start on his arm that got in the way of his pocket watch tattoo. so when i doubt, recycle! So instead of just going under or behing or around the star. we turned it into a bead with the rest of his chain on the pocket watch! a purple glass one to be exact. also, we did this hand there too over a year ago! my first full hand piece ever!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Octo-geisha v.s Horned Owl in boy briefs.

So I met this person on the skytrain one day while I was talking about tattoos to a friend (cuz thats all I have to talk about, that and my lovely Amanda) and this girl named Yu jumped in and said how she wanted a Octopus lday and a owl with horn, little did she know im HUGE on both of those. So i jumped at the oppourtunity to give her a card. 6 months later, Yu come in to the new shop and lays out her ideas. Octo-lady with Horned owl person wearing boy briefs. I threw in the acorns and oak leaves and rope and giesha part. You know, just so it all made sense.

But it theres one thing i love about art, is it really dosent have to make any sense what so ever.
I normally try to not post unfinished tattoos, but i was soo stoked on this one that i just couldnt help it. the rest will be purples and seafoams for the octo-lady and burgundys and ochres and blues for the horned owl. Stay tuned, i got lots more to post, and one more sitting on this. We did 3 hours just on this part, and she sat like a champ, but her budget could only go so far that day, so more to come very soon! thanks!

Red Rose

This lady traveled all the way from Auckland to Vancouver and thought it wold be fun to get tattooed while she was here. Somehow found me on and messaged me, then sure enough she came in a few day later and we whipped this rose up to cover a pink flamingo. had a blast with the placement and size. I love doing roses!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sugar skulls and Canopic jars

A few months ago, I did a small little skull inside this guys ear, and we were both stoked on how it turned out. then a few days ago he tells me he wants a sugar skull on his hand, and to do whatever, just something different but still classic. So a couple days after that this is what I came up with. I really had fun doing this, I love tattooing hands, and even more so, tattooing hands on every nook and cranny, filling in every little spot. So stoked! Thanks Steven.
Also, today I had a consultation for a super rad tattoo. Im so excited to get working on it right away, but its definatly gonna take some planning. I don't wanna spoil to much right now, but its a mssive phoenix sleeve, but everything is egyptian themed. So instead of Hanya masks, peonies and traditional wind swirls, theres the Anubis god (the jackal) Canopic jars with a heart in one, and a swarm of scarabs in sandy wind swirls. So I geuss I did just spoil it, but I'm too excited. Stay classy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Violet Rose

So a friend of mine got a rose on the back of her arm sometime ago, and just today we added a violet on the same spot of the other arm. The rose is fully healed in the photo and the violet is super fresh. I had a blast doing both of these, tried out some highlight styles and such, and just had dun all around. Took me about an hour and a half for each one I think, so dont let the photos fool you. they look pretty huge in this, but they are about palm sized overall. Just above the e,bow on the back of the arm. Anywho, im off to the island to get tattooed by Ryan Gagne!!! pretty stoked. getting a snail-octopus on my head. should be rad!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"There's a dirty wind blowing, There's a storm front comin in"

The octopus in the stormy clouds, and the umbrelli-fish sleeve! finally got to work on this again! did the outlining of this a couple months ago, and he came back last week to get 3 more hours done on it. Im pretty happy with what we got done so far, but i cannot wait until we get the umbrelli-fish coloured. gonna be rad! the story behind this is the octopus in the clouds is like a storm, and it comes and scoops up water with its umbrella, then those umbrellas turn into giant flying umbrell jellyfish (umbrelli-fish) and wreak havoc amongst the world!

I will post more progress when were done, but right now i gotta go get ready to watch Enter The Dragon with my amazing awesome Amanda.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mysterious Madame

Had no appointments booked for a Saturday which was super wierd, but figured I would have
time to do some painting or something. Thankfully my good pal Kevin; who got the Hand and Compass piece, aswell as the Jackalope, came in to fill up some of my time and we wernt sure what to do at first. Ponderd about doing a wolf with a cut off hand wearing a cloak, but after some more thought we decied that would make a much cooler rib piece, hopefully to be done in the future.

I had this painting lying around, unfinished but close enough. I hadn't had the time latley to finish some art, but the second he saw it a week ago he was really into it.

So it was an obvious choice to add on to the rest of his arm. Matched up perfectly with the rest of his work we had done, so all around I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and now we have a much more epic piece to be done in the future!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Great 'Horned' Owl ranked superior.

There was once a place where creatures ruled the land. And in this place there was both a Crow and a Great Horned Owl that wore monocles. This ofcoarse meant competition, and competition ofcoarse means someone has to win. After an epic battle between the two, the Owl came out as the winner. He was as wise as he was strong. Wisdom grows much like a tree, but for the Great Horned Owl it has another source. The End. enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh darn. forgot to add in the last post. Here is a fun rose I done a week or two ago and meant to post. Was really fun to do just this on its own. She is getting a Violet i believe on the same spot, but other arm. Her Grandmas name is Violet Rose i think. cool idea!!!

Rise or Die aka The Collect.

Seriously have been picking away at this since 2008 when i worked in Gastown at Irezumi Tattoo with Jamie. got the original idea back then, sketched it. lt it sit for a long time. Looked at it and revised small things at another shop i worked at after that. The started at Eastside Tattoo Parlour, and finally did a final outline on watercolour paper. sat on it for oh say about 6 months now. Painted about half of it a few weeks ago, and finished it today!!! Been to busy to give it the tim eit needed. But had a slow week so i took advantage of it. Now im right back at it, so i hope i can still squeeze in time to do more things like this. I got a cool owl in the works. same size. Im doing it for an art show im hopeing to get into. Called "The Cheaper Show". Its pretty awesome, lots of amazing artists sell there art for one basic equal price. So fingers crossed for now, but may aswell get an early start considering how long it took me to do this.

p.s. more tattoos soon, got lots on the go. so make sure to check back!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally! got to colour this thing! His original plan was black and grey only but after some convincing he decided to get colour! We outlined it a couple weeks ago, and did the colour today. All together it took about 3 and a half hours of fun time. Sat like a champ the whole way through. I should have some healed photos in a couple weeks aswell. Also on a side side note i started the Final Fantasy half sleeve. Pretty stoked so far. ill post photos when we make more progress, and the same goes for the octopus and umbrelli-fish hal sleeve. Can not wait to get that done! until next time....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It seems when I do one thing, it always comes in waves of it. Like there was a time were I did a lot of girl faces, and now it seems to be hearts, and i think the next wave will be full of sugar skulls! wich im really looking forward to.....
I think its a good thing that happens, because I get in the habit of drawing that particular piece so many times by the end of the wave it becomes so natural. But this one in particular was really different, and easy to play around with. Thanks!

This was probably one of the most fun little tattoos I have done in awhile, I dont know what it is about it, but I love it! Maybe its my passion for tennage mutant ninja turles, and this is like there baby version or something. either way, had tons of fun. would like to do more sea creatures!