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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some stuff I've been working on latley. Did the pigeons awhile ago as an outline, then coloured them last week. He took good care, and it pretty much healed up in less than a week! Some more colour to go on the tape and what not, so I'm looking forward to that!

As for the hand, we outlined and shaded a few weeks ago and just put this colour in today. When the time comes were gonna finish off the back of his arm, and maybe put bluey cloudy stuff in the background to pop out the hand. stay tuned!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Started this a couple months ago, and finished it aswell a few weeks ago, but this is the only good photo I have of it. So here it is. Just staying black and grey with this pice, colour would be fun, but the change was nice!

Been working on this bit by bit for the past month or so. Got my friend Garret to scan it in and do the lettering cuz he's a wiz on the photoshop deely. Super stoked on how it turned out. It should be available as a t-shirt very soon. Email me if you would like to maybe order one if you can't make it into our shop. Thanks!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Really happy with how this one turned out in the end. Done in two sessions, and we will be adding more stuff around it eventually, but this is a good start!

Super rad guy named Kevin from Ireland came to me with this idea, and many others to come. But for now we'll stick with this. Still need to put colour into it, ill leave it as a surprise.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Once upon a time, a few months ago, a young fellow came to me asking for a tattoo. In his explaination to me, of what he wanted, I was told it would be palm sized all together, and the ship was only 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. And it was to go were this rose is roughly.

But, after a bit of talking he soon realized that its better to do it right the first time. and by right i mean s big as you can at the moment. so we went for this colourful idea instead. still had the elements he wanted with the ship and the sun and the clouds, but heres a prime example of hows sometimes its good to just let the chips fall were they may. He was most definatly a good client to work on, he was pretty down for any ideas i had, and sat like a champ for hours. Look forward to mixing up a heart and octopus on his lower arm in the near future. stay tuned!
Did this one about 3 weeks ago now, should be doing the colour on it soon! just so happy with it so far so i wanted to post it up. Im trying to convince her to either get the back side of that camera on the inner forearm with an all seeing eye in the spot you look through and some more roses, or what i think would be even cooler.... a bunch of scatterd polariods with mini traditional flash on em, or whatever really. We shall see how it goes I suppose.

Monday, November 2, 2009

On a recent trip to seattle amanda and I went to the science fiction museum, and i took this photo with a fish eye lense. it was like looking into another planet.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Painting I am currently working on. "The Collect"

Aliens and name dropping

ALIEN!!! Yay, so rad. The story to this one is that this big grey is face-palming himself in dismay. Notice in the background, Earth is focused on North America, did we fuck it up or what?

The art was originaly designed by our good pal and fellow artist Garret Egles. Check his stuff out at and commision him to do a t-shirt or poster or myspace layout for your band or something. Super rad.

The piece is still in progress, we added such fun things like a ying-yang crater on the ditch of his arm, and NASA space helmet on the elbow, a nebula that's on the front of the bicep, and a wicked blackhole on the back of his arm. More photos to come when we're closer to finishing it!

Did this one early this year, around april or so. My old boss at a shop i used to work at called Irezumi. Jamie is super into circuit bending, its when you take old music toys, or toys that make sound (like a speak and spell) and you mess with the circuits, bend' them if you will. and add on oscillators and other things that a sythesizer might have on it. then it becomes an instrument of crazy awesome noise. so, since it was so rad we decided to tattoo it on him as a going away present to him, since i was soon to leave his shop for another. This was initially something out of my element with doing only black and grey for it, but it wasnt a struggle at anytime, it was an enjoyable piece to do since it was kinda different in a way.

This is a new style im sorta working on, amongst many other things. Its a four horned goat with a few random red orb things. i just sketched it up, and i owed a friend some tattoo work, for a trade i did for some of his art. (google mike shantz) he didnt really care what he got, but this was up his alley for sure, so it all worked out pretty rad, had a ton of fun doing this one, especially the little red bits. we were gonna do some zombie looking greens in the face, but left it how it is since he had to leave town before the second session. but it looks done to me.
My name is Mitch Kirilo and I have been tattooing for a couple years now. I work at EastSide Tattoo Parlour in Vancouver, Canada. I gots the myspace and a website, but this blog deely seems pretty cool, so im gonna try it out. ill post tattoos and there stories as often as i can, so keep checking back i suppose?