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Gastown Tattoo Parlour

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sooo stoked to do this! A guy came to me, who was from Arizona and wanted something with an all seeing eye, and the rest was up to me. So I decided to have some fun and tattoo two of my most favourite animals as one. The Octo-phant. Most notorious for its third eye power, and gnarly dripping tentacles. Enjoy!

So heres a few tattoos I havent had time to uplaod either. The gun was a fun walk-in from Calgary. whipped the drawing up in 30 minutes, tattooed it on her in about 3 hours. was super fun and bright. The seahorse was on a frined of mine, We still gotta put in some background...

And the Bird cage is also on another friend. Covering up a bird ironically haha. Keep checking back for more! gots lots and lots to post, just no time, or bad photos, of unfinished things. but soon there wil be lots of things to see.


Massive Lioness to start.

So, my friend Braeden who was a friend of a friend, came to the shop and tells me he wants me to do his first tattoo ever. So im stoked already, then he tells me he wants a Giant lioness on his ribs. And hes a big dude, so this thing would be a backpiece on most people haha. It weas really fun to do something differnent like this. We might go back into it after the summer and add some mose background or something. For now this is how she looks. By the way, he sat like a champ, especially for the spot and the fact that its his first. Good job dude!

The Crow and the Wolf

Another addition to my bro Kevin. Did a huge shin smash of a calm and relaxed crow ontop of a wolf's head. went for a really dark look for this one. might add a few more small splashes of colour once it heals, bu pretty stoked on it thus far!