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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crabby crab crab.

pretty stoked on the moon and crab i did on this guy named Rasmus. He is from sweden or switzerland. i cant remeber, but rad dude, and super fun tattoo. I love crabs. Plus another one I banged out in two hours and a bit later that night. Now im off to bed to sleep of my days dental work, and start a full day of drawing tomorrow. Stoked!

Beastie Boys and Star beads.

For my bro Garret Egles who is a rad as heck designer/card wizard whom makes my cards look fancy and gets me clients all the time ;)

It was his turn to get ill. He had a bunch of start on his arm that got in the way of his pocket watch tattoo. so when i doubt, recycle! So instead of just going under or behing or around the star. we turned it into a bead with the rest of his chain on the pocket watch! a purple glass one to be exact. also, we did this hand there too over a year ago! my first full hand piece ever!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Octo-geisha v.s Horned Owl in boy briefs.

So I met this person on the skytrain one day while I was talking about tattoos to a friend (cuz thats all I have to talk about, that and my lovely Amanda) and this girl named Yu jumped in and said how she wanted a Octopus lday and a owl with horn, little did she know im HUGE on both of those. So i jumped at the oppourtunity to give her a card. 6 months later, Yu come in to the new shop and lays out her ideas. Octo-lady with Horned owl person wearing boy briefs. I threw in the acorns and oak leaves and rope and giesha part. You know, just so it all made sense.

But it theres one thing i love about art, is it really dosent have to make any sense what so ever.
I normally try to not post unfinished tattoos, but i was soo stoked on this one that i just couldnt help it. the rest will be purples and seafoams for the octo-lady and burgundys and ochres and blues for the horned owl. Stay tuned, i got lots more to post, and one more sitting on this. We did 3 hours just on this part, and she sat like a champ, but her budget could only go so far that day, so more to come very soon! thanks!

Red Rose

This lady traveled all the way from Auckland to Vancouver and thought it wold be fun to get tattooed while she was here. Somehow found me on and messaged me, then sure enough she came in a few day later and we whipped this rose up to cover a pink flamingo. had a blast with the placement and size. I love doing roses!