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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sugar skulls and Canopic jars

A few months ago, I did a small little skull inside this guys ear, and we were both stoked on how it turned out. then a few days ago he tells me he wants a sugar skull on his hand, and to do whatever, just something different but still classic. So a couple days after that this is what I came up with. I really had fun doing this, I love tattooing hands, and even more so, tattooing hands on every nook and cranny, filling in every little spot. So stoked! Thanks Steven.
Also, today I had a consultation for a super rad tattoo. Im so excited to get working on it right away, but its definatly gonna take some planning. I don't wanna spoil to much right now, but its a mssive phoenix sleeve, but everything is egyptian themed. So instead of Hanya masks, peonies and traditional wind swirls, theres the Anubis god (the jackal) Canopic jars with a heart in one, and a swarm of scarabs in sandy wind swirls. So I geuss I did just spoil it, but I'm too excited. Stay classy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Violet Rose

So a friend of mine got a rose on the back of her arm sometime ago, and just today we added a violet on the same spot of the other arm. The rose is fully healed in the photo and the violet is super fresh. I had a blast doing both of these, tried out some highlight styles and such, and just had dun all around. Took me about an hour and a half for each one I think, so dont let the photos fool you. they look pretty huge in this, but they are about palm sized overall. Just above the e,bow on the back of the arm. Anywho, im off to the island to get tattooed by Ryan Gagne!!! pretty stoked. getting a snail-octopus on my head. should be rad!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"There's a dirty wind blowing, There's a storm front comin in"

The octopus in the stormy clouds, and the umbrelli-fish sleeve! finally got to work on this again! did the outlining of this a couple months ago, and he came back last week to get 3 more hours done on it. Im pretty happy with what we got done so far, but i cannot wait until we get the umbrelli-fish coloured. gonna be rad! the story behind this is the octopus in the clouds is like a storm, and it comes and scoops up water with its umbrella, then those umbrellas turn into giant flying umbrell jellyfish (umbrelli-fish) and wreak havoc amongst the world!

I will post more progress when were done, but right now i gotta go get ready to watch Enter The Dragon with my amazing awesome Amanda.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mysterious Madame

Had no appointments booked for a Saturday which was super wierd, but figured I would have
time to do some painting or something. Thankfully my good pal Kevin; who got the Hand and Compass piece, aswell as the Jackalope, came in to fill up some of my time and we wernt sure what to do at first. Ponderd about doing a wolf with a cut off hand wearing a cloak, but after some more thought we decied that would make a much cooler rib piece, hopefully to be done in the future.

I had this painting lying around, unfinished but close enough. I hadn't had the time latley to finish some art, but the second he saw it a week ago he was really into it.

So it was an obvious choice to add on to the rest of his arm. Matched up perfectly with the rest of his work we had done, so all around I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and now we have a much more epic piece to be done in the future!