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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"There's a dirty wind blowing, There's a storm front comin in"

The octopus in the stormy clouds, and the umbrelli-fish sleeve! finally got to work on this again! did the outlining of this a couple months ago, and he came back last week to get 3 more hours done on it. Im pretty happy with what we got done so far, but i cannot wait until we get the umbrelli-fish coloured. gonna be rad! the story behind this is the octopus in the clouds is like a storm, and it comes and scoops up water with its umbrella, then those umbrellas turn into giant flying umbrell jellyfish (umbrelli-fish) and wreak havoc amongst the world!

I will post more progress when were done, but right now i gotta go get ready to watch Enter The Dragon with my amazing awesome Amanda.

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