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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Octo-geisha v.s Horned Owl in boy briefs.

So I met this person on the skytrain one day while I was talking about tattoos to a friend (cuz thats all I have to talk about, that and my lovely Amanda) and this girl named Yu jumped in and said how she wanted a Octopus lday and a owl with horn, little did she know im HUGE on both of those. So i jumped at the oppourtunity to give her a card. 6 months later, Yu come in to the new shop and lays out her ideas. Octo-lady with Horned owl person wearing boy briefs. I threw in the acorns and oak leaves and rope and giesha part. You know, just so it all made sense.

But it theres one thing i love about art, is it really dosent have to make any sense what so ever.
I normally try to not post unfinished tattoos, but i was soo stoked on this one that i just couldnt help it. the rest will be purples and seafoams for the octo-lady and burgundys and ochres and blues for the horned owl. Stay tuned, i got lots more to post, and one more sitting on this. We did 3 hours just on this part, and she sat like a champ, but her budget could only go so far that day, so more to come very soon! thanks!

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